Tracy Morgan Is A Mama S Boy

All he has ever wanted is to be funny and make people laugh. However, there is a problem, why does Tracy Morgan always think that he is tiptoeing on a minefield. This is something that he does not yet know but he knows for sure that he is black. However, he hates people saying that race and religion jokes are wrong or that he has mental illness. That might be the reason he still clings to his mother for console.

A recent phone interview proved this rumor. He paused for a while and it was evident that he was talking to his mom. This was proved when he claimed that he is only a homeboy who loves nothing more but to relax. He further mentioned that he is a family man at heart and loves to spend time with his kids and his lady at home. He added that he owns a pet snake and loves feeding the fish.

In the same interview, Tracy Morgan mentioned that his shows are nothing but his life. He also went ahead to say that the main reason for his rising up to be a stand up comedy was only because he lived among funny people. The talent, he claims, is genetic and passed on from his father who was also a stand up comedian before dying in 1987.

During the interview, the background music to his phone call was ‘Thriller’. Though he never sang along the lyrics, Tracy Morgan did give some complement to the fallen super star. He claimed him to be his inspiration through his life. He is also diversifying in his career where he stars with Ice Cube in ‘Friday Sunday’ – a comedy where they plan on robbing a local church and currently enjoying the success of ’30 Rock’.

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