Tracy Morgan In Saturday Night Live

Tracy Morgan, the African American television comedy star best known for his parody situations in the show Saturday Night Live. Though the program started 11 years before he featured in it, his character has been phenomenal to comedy audiences ever since.

The role of Tracy Morgan in this acting role has been to participate in the sketch of the day on almost any topic that happens to be current in the on-going season. Some of the episodes are not merely characterizations of other personalities. The actor worked on screen with stars such as Britney’s Spears in certain episodes of the show that ran as sketches from a third point of view.

His role in the program began in 1996 and lasted until 2003 where he was one of the prime actors who featured in all series alongside newer stand up comedians. Some of his most memorable parodies on personalities include that on Aretha Franklin and Mike Tyson. His acting parts are always dependable and hilarious, since they always link to the personal character he parodies. He is also a committed stand-up comedian who traces his beginning to these shows. Through the years his work has earned him recognition and fame in this industry.

After Saturday Night Live, Tracy Morgan also featured in newer programs such as 30 Rock, accredited as a masterly parody on his own life. This one received various nominations. His current work traverses between the television screen where he hosts shows on comedy, to the silver screen where he acts in roles that have similarities to his personal life or allude to his past career. In 2009, the actor made a brief comeback to his beloved SNL show that he hosted and replayed some of his most famous portrayals in the last couple of years.

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