Tracy Morgan Drunk Driving

Tracy Morgan is an American actor and comedian, severally on the cast of the Saturday live show. He is known for his role in the self-titled show where he acts as Tracy Jordan. In November 28, 2006, the actor was arrested in New York City on suspicion of drunken driving. The local judge at the New York county give him a sentence of community service for five days and a $1,000 fine. In addition to this, Tracy Morgan was given a DUI program in exchange of a guilty plea.

The plea did not go well with Tracy Morgan because accepting the plea would mean being guilty and it would have been in violation of his previous DUI that had been given to him by a Los Angeles court. This would certainly have led him to serve a jail term for quite some time.

The District Attorney who was handling the actor and comedian case said that Tracy had watery and blood shot eyes and his breath reeked of alcoholic beverages. When the police officer asked him to pull over and asked him whether he had been drinking, the actor admitted to have had a few beers.

The actor admitted all the charges and pleaded guilty. The judge gave him a plea of undergoing a supervised treatment by a doctor and for him stay out of trouble for at least six months. He paid the one thousand dollar fine and did an undetermined number of community services. This did this not happen, as just two months into the sentence, he had to wear a monitoring bracelet

There is no doubt that Tracy is a man of many talents but he does have his share of drama. But if one were to go by his past, chances are that this celebrity still has bright days ahead, and he is one to be watched closely

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