The Other Side of Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan an American comedian and actor has a number of tattoos on his body. These tattoos have signs like the peace sign, happy and sad face, a cross with the names of his wife and his sons on it, the friends he played football with in high school who were killed, others have the words ME, MYSELF & I on his back, and Stove Top.

Tracy Morgan Married Sabrina his high school lover and they have three sons. She filed for divorce after being married for 23 years. They have been separated for eight years. Her reason for filing for divorce was her husband’s alcoholism and a female DJ in Miami. He was arrested for DUI twice and he had to get a monitoring device fastened on his ankle. He was sentenced to fine and five days of community service. He received a plea deal that included a supervised treatment by a doctor and that he should also stay out of trouble for six months or else he would end up behind bars. He currently has a girlfriend. There was an autobiography that was released in 2009 called I AM the New Black. This is a book that talks about his life in Tompkins projects in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and his cast membership on Saturday Night Live. He has appeared on national Public Radio’s Fresh Air that was hosted by Terry Gross. He joined the Saturday Night Live in 1996 and took part in actively up to the year 2003. He started his career from humble background where he worked as a painter in a painting company and doing stand-up where he was discovered and later on went ahead to become a famous actor and comedian in various shows and programs. This has seen Tracy Morgan win awards to show for his great works and comic nature.

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